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November Incentive for Wine Influencers

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Earn an Engraved Congratulations bottle this month from Cassandra Melhuish - Managing Director!

It’s our highest selling month of the year and I would like to reward you for your efforts!! Anyone who promotes to Senior Director this month for the 1st time will receive our Beautiful etched Congratulations bottle gift set that comes with 2 Riedel crystal glasses. A great way to toast to your success!!

A lot of promotions happen in November every year because so many people are buying wine for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. Plus, Boisset offers great Black Friday Deals as well as Cyber Monday Specials. Read the Boisset Buzz every Monday for new sale information.

If you would like to promote this month, reach out to your Sponsor or your Executive Director and they will help you get there.

Check out our Wine Influencers Success Plan for all the wonderful ways you can plug in to our team events to create sales and sponsor ambassadors in an efficient way this month!

Here’s to your Success!! Santé!

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