Let's Get Started on your Wine Ambassador Training!
Our Wine Influencer's Training Success Plan is a comprehensive training strategy that you can do online over 6 weeks.  You will feel confident leading wine tastings and sharing Boisset Collection's Sustainably-produced, award-winning wines with everyone. 

The perks: $50 Product credit and additional earning potential of over $1,000 in additional income during your 1st 90 days.

Ambassador Training Academy

This series of 16 videos will teach you everything you need to know about being a Boisset Ambassador.  From selling products, to goal setting, to wine tasting resources, and entering orders.  The Ambassador Academy gives you the tools to start your business and teach you how to join our memberships so you can save money on your wine purchases.  Schedule time in your schedule to watch the videos and complete the exercises while watching the videos.

Get your $50 Credit!

Take the 11 question quiz at the bottom of the training webpage to claim your $50 credit.  Your credit will be emailed to you after a few days of completing the quiz.

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Wine Influencers, Vine Tribe, & Bling  Team Monday Ambassador Training

Our Managing Directors lead New Ambassador online training every Monday at 5:15pm PST.  Over 6 weeks, you will understand the different components of our business by attending the following:

  1. JUMPSTART + ON THE ROAD TO $250.  This training will highlight the potential of how to earn over $1,000 extra in cash during your 1st 90 days!  It will also teach you our Best Practice for getting everyone on the team to $250 so they can earn 25% commission immediately instead of 15% commission every month. Make sure your New Ambassadors attend this training.

  2. FOUNDATIONS I: BOOKING & MANAGING TASTINGS.  This training and the following training will teach you the foundation of our business - How to get and manage Tastings.  Earn a consistent income by keeping your calendar fully booked with tastings.  

  3. FOUNDATIONS II: LEADING EXCEPTIONAL TASTINGS.  This training will focus on the nuts and bolts of our tasting process by walking you through our Virtual and In-Person Tasting Tools and Best Practices so you feel confident leading tastings.

  4. SPONSORING.  Whether you plan on growing a team or not, this training is another essential part of our business.  Learn the fundamentals on how to introduce your tasting guests, friends, & people in your network to the Boisset Business Opportunity.

  5. POWER OF FOUR.  This training is your WINE MAP to SUCCESS to achieve Senior Director. We have several Senior Directors on our team so we know what it takes to get to this title and stay there.  We will provide you with a plan so that when you are ready, you will know what it takes to get there.

  6. CORPORATE ACCOUNTS. Boisset has created a niche for supporting Businesses with gifting and entertaining solutions.  This training will will give you an understanding of our Corporate program so you can decide if this is something you'd like to work towards.


EVERY MONDAY at 5:15pm PST / 8:15 pm EST


Our trainings and tastings are designed for you to maximize your earning potential for investing in a Boisset Business Package. 

You can use the wine tasting experiences in your Packages to taste the wines yourself (and with others) while completing your training OR you can use them to host your own tastings. 


You can also choose to use your wines to lead a tasting for someone who wants to host their friends. 

Whatever path you choose, you will learn everything you need to feel confident sharing the wines in your Business Package with others and earning an income within your first 90 days.

Feel Good Friday & Wednesday WinesDay Wine Training & Education

Learn the mechanics of how to present wines effectively while attending our 2, 3 and 6 bottle virtual tasting lead by our Wine Influencers & Bling Team Top Leaders.


The Boisset Ambassador Academy will provide you with wine tasting resources, scripts and additional wine eduction, but our leaders will show you how to execute a Virtual Tasting with confidence so you're ready to lead your 1st wine tasting.  

We have two options during the week to attend and invite your guests to for training as well as to generate sales for yourself.

Pro Tip:  Invite your potential customers, friends and family to attend these virtual tastings with you.  Ask them to purchase the wine from you or simply join you in person to sip together.  Earn money while you train.  This is how you Earn while you Learn while Working Smarter, Not Harder!



You choose your personal training style. 

Come to everything as often and as many times as you like or come to everything only once or when it's convenient for you.  This is your wine business and you decide what works best for you.  Our goal is for you to feel comfortable leading wine tastings for others.

Bubbles and business Sunday.heic

Bubbles & Business Sunday

Learn how to present our Business Opportunity to others every Sunday while growing your business and your team.

Invite every guests from your tastings and everyone you know that loves wine to Bubbles and Business.

Pro Tip:  Invite guests to Feel Good Friday and then invite them to Bubbles & Business on Sunday.  When they join, they can start their Training on Monday.

This is how you Work Smarter, Not Harder!


  • Wine Influencers, Vine Tribe & Bling Team Ambassador Training Zoom - 5:15pm PST / 8:15pm EST


    • FOUNDATIONS I: Booking & Managing Tastings

    • FOUNDATIONS II: Leading Exceptional Tastings


    • POWER OF FOUR - Getting to Senior Director


Check your email for Zoom Info from Vine Tribe.


  • Boisset Collection Corporate Call - 5pm PST
    (Join this Zoom to stay updated with Everything you need to to know. Zoom info in the Boisset Buzz.  Check your email)


  • Wine Influencers Ask the Leaders Q&A - 5:45pm PST
    (Get your questions answered by our Top Leaders. Immediately after the Corporate Call.  RSVP for Zoom info here: www.wineinfluencersteam.com


  • Spectrum of Style Deep Dive Experience 6pm (PST)
    1st & 2nd Wednesday &   

    1st Friday 

  • Taste Like a Pro 3 bottle Virtual Tasting Experience 6pm (PST).   
    3rd Wednesday &
    2nd Friday


  • Big & Bold 3 bottle Virtual Tasting Experience  6pm (PST)
    4th Wednesday &
    4th Friday


  • Power of Love 2 bottle Virtual Tasting Experience 6pm (PST)
    3rd Friday

All Wine Experiences for our Friday tastings are be based on the wines in our New Ambassador Deluxe Package.


Check our Wine Influencers Team website and Bling Team FB Page for current Zoom info 

  • Bubbles & Business Opportunity Meeting
    3pm PST
    Every Sunday

    RSVP for Zoom info at 

  • Bubbles & Business Opportunity Meeting 
    9:30 am PST 
    Every Wednesday

  • Bubbles & Business Opportunity Meeting 
    3pm PST 
    Every Thursday




The sooner you start, the sooner you begin earning an additional income or receiving money back on your wine puchases.

Invite others to attend our Friday tastings with you.  It's more fun to sip with a friend, neighbor or colleague.

Success starts with inviting others to attend our Friday Tastings with you.  Our Leaders will invite your guests to join us for Bubbles and Business on Sunday. When your guests sign up with you to be a Wine Ambassdaor, they can immediately start their training on Monday.

Train at your own pace.  Finish the Ambassador Academy in a day or over a few days, it's up to you. Just don't forget to claim your $50 product credit.

Communicate often with your sponsor.  They can help you and offer tailored suggestions based on your specific goals


Bridget Dwyer

Associate Ambassador

Attending the Tuesday, Wine Influencers Ambassadors Trainings has helped me grow my Boisset business and support my new Ambassadors.


The Thursday Wine Tastings provided me with the confidence and knowledge to schedule Virtual Wine Tastings.  From my Virtual Tastings, I acquire new Wine

Society members.


I continue to attend the weekly Ambassador Trainings. 

Cassandra Melhuish Boisset Ambassador.he

Cassandra Melhuish

Managing Director

I love my wine business and I wanted to create a community of Wine Ambassadors that thrive in this business together!  I created the Wine Influencers Team to be a place where we can all exist and enjoy wine together.  To learn about wine and succeed together based on our personal definition of success.  Our leaders have joined together to create this remarkable training program for everyone to learn and grow together.  I'm so proud and honored to be the Managing Director of this amazing team!