Hi, I'm Cassandra Melhuish and I'm all about having multiple streams of income!  I'm an entrepreneur, wife, mom of a child with special needs (which means I'm an advocate and very involved in my community in Santa Monica, CA) and I LOVE drinking wine and learning all there is to know about wine.  Before my child was born, I was in love with the corporate dream and was very successful in my career.  I left the corporate world behind when my son was born and embarked on a new journey in life.  As with all life and career changes that start around 40 years old, it was full of challenges and full of ups and downs as I struggled to define the new me.  I've written and published a book, started a MOMs Travel Club, started a T-shirt company and started a wine business 5 years ago.  Wine is definitely my passion because I'm having fun in this business and building a successful team by helping others build their wine business.  I feel blessed to have a wine business that has sales of over $400,000/yr!  We are growing fast and redefining how people purchase their wines and the quality of wine that they are drinking.  I started my wine business to have access to better wine, then I decided to use it to earn extra money, now I enjoy spending my time "working" by drinking with friends and helping others earn extra income by drinking and sharing our wines with others.  My life is completely different now but I wouldn't change a thing.  I love being able to control my day, my life and my fun!