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Welcome to our Wine Influencers Community. 

We are Boisset Wine Ambassadors that are enjoying living our best Wine Life!  

We are a diverse group of wine lovers who have created an additional income stream in our lives by drinking Boisset Collection wines and sharing it with others.

What would you do with extra money in your life?  If you love wine or know others who love wine, this is for you!

Scroll through the images below to learn how you can add an additional income stream to your life by changing your wine brand to the one that pays you for your loyalty. 

Click the button to connect with Cassandra Melhuish via Zoom to speak one on one about this innovative way to create an extra income for yourself!

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Drink Better Wines.

Live a Better Life. 

Boisset Collection owns over 25 wine brands like Raymond Vineyards, DeLoach Winery, Buena Vista Winery, John Legend Vineyard Exclusive, Domaine De La Vougeraie, and more!  Represent all of them or pick your favorites.

Wine Cheers
Change your wine brand and start creating additional income

Schedule a 15 min Zoom with Wine Boss Cassandra to Learn how you can Create an Extra Income with Wine.

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Watch the video and listen to other Wine Ambassadors around the US who are living their best Wine Life with Boisset Collection.

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