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New and Exciting Ways to Build your Wine Business!

Earn more money this Holiday season by taking advantage of our new Wine Influencer Team Tools to help you earn more money while you grow your business.

New Bubbles & Business Opportunity Presentation Every Sunday at 3pm PST / 5pm CST

This presentation was created so you can be more efficient at introducing others to Boisset. Your leaders will do all the work for you. Your goal is to invite as many people as you can. Invite everyone at your tastings and invite everyone who loves wine. Our job is to get people to the table so they can experience our wonderful wines and what we have to offer and how it can fit into their life.

Reimagined Virtual Feel Good Fridays Every Friday at 6pm PST / 8pm CST.

Everyone needs a glass of wine and engaging conversation after a long week at work. Our Feel Good Fridays have been a great success, so we decided to extend Feel Good Fridays to EVERY FRIDAY!! This tasting was originally created to bring us together over wine during Covid and to keep our businesses growing. We discovered that it was also a great way for New Ambassadors and Reengaging Ambassadors to watch and learn how to do a Virtual Tasting. So we are keeping the fun going so you can invite your wine loving friends and associates to drink with us on Friday. Earn while you Learn FriYAYs! Your leaders do the work and you drink wine with that's a winning combination!!

Tuesday is Ambassador Training Day. Every Tuesday at 5:45pm PST / 7:45 pm CST

Our Tuesday Training day has been improved! We are excited to announce a new lineup of trainings that will get your New Ambassadors (and reengaging Ambassadors) off to a great start in October. These trainings start immediately after the Boisset Collection Corporate Connect Call.

  • The 1st Tuesday of the Month will be our JUMPSTART training. This training will show the potential of how to earn over $1,000 extra in cash during the 1st 90 days! Make sure your New Ambassadors attend this training.

  • The 2nd Tuesday will feature THE ROAD TO $250 Training. This training is our Best Practice for getting everyone on the team to $250 so they can earn 25% commission instead of 15% commission.

  • The 3rd Tuesday is our new LEADING EXCEPTIONAL TASTINGS Training. We will walk through our Virtual and In-Person tasting tools and Best Practices to get ambassadors ready to earn money!

  • The 4th Tuesday is our POWER OF FOUR Training. This training provides a WINE MAP to getting to Senior Director. We have several Sr. Directors on our team and we have created a WINE MAP for Ambassadors to follow for success

How does all of this help you earn money? Easy! You become successful by allowing your leaders to do the work for you! The key is to INIVTE, INVITE, INVITE! The more people you invite, the more people you have that taste the wine, buy from you, and learn about Boisset. Then the more people you invite to Bubbles & Business, the more ambassadors you will have. Your leaders provide a 3rd party validation and that takes the pressure off of you having to "Sell and Present".

Studies show that consistent business processes and well thought out onboarding processes are a contributing factor to business growth and the retention and success of new people. Let's all earn more money and grow our businesses at the same time!

Register for all Team Trainings and Tastings at

Cassandra Melhuish

Managing Director I Wine Ambassador I Boisset Collection

Creator of The Wine Influencers Team


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